Who is Jesus now, and how does beholding Jesus as King affect our everyday life? In this message, guest speaker Richard Brown takes us on a tour of the Scriptures to explore how excellent and matchless is the name of Jesus as we begin a new teaching series “In Jesus’ Name”.

More about Richard:

Richard is the former Principal of Toowoomba Christian College, having served in that role from 1992 until his recent retirement. In 1980 Richard spent one year in the Philippines doing missionary work, and has continued to have strong interest in mission activities. He moved with his family to Toowoomba in 1988, and taught at Toowoomba Christian College, taking over the role of Principal in March 1992.

During his time as Principal of Toowoomba Christian College, Richard also served on the State Council of Christian Schools Australia and Associated Christian Schools and was a Board member of the National Council of Christian Schools Australia.

Richard is married to Narelle and has four children.