Our God - Father, Son & Holy Spirit, created us in His image as spirit beings and housed us in physical bodies to complete a physical assignment - rule over the earth. Our disobedience to Him caused a reversal in our being and separated us from God. He saves and restores our being through God the Son - Jesus. At the request of Jesus, He gives us His Spirit - God the Holy Spirit. To remain in Him in this fallen world, our spirit must acknowledge His Spirit through Fellowship with Him, which leads to intimacy with Him and a Partnership that has no end. This was and is Jesus' desire for His Followers. He left when He completed His assignment so that the Spirit could come to help us complete the new assignment that God has given us - to show and share the grace and truth of Jesus to the world. 

In this sermon Dion David explores and encourages our connection with the Holy Spirit which empowers us to do all we were created for.