Churches are often known by certain characteristics… their facilities, their music, their children’s ministry, or maybe their justice, care and mercy ministries – perhaps even their celebrity pastor. There’s nothing wrong with any of these and yet according to the New Testament there is a deeper, more significant basis for a church’s identity. Many of the first century churches, although not perfect, were known by the simple but profound expression that they were “in Christ,” ... whether in Colossae, Corinth or Ephesus. What identifies HumeRidge in the community?

As Pastor Neale begins our new series, ‘Hope for HumeRidge’, he will explore what it means for HumeRidge to be “in Christ”, in Toowoomba. As you prepare for this sermon, ask yourself, “What distinguishes HumeRidge Church in Toowoomba?”  And why not reflect on the idea, that ministry flows out of identity.