"Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts" - Acts 2:46 NIV

Beyond the gathering of our large Sunday services, we believe our faith journeys are best supported when we connect with a small gathering of people we call a “LifeGroup.” We encourage all members to commit to one of our LifeGroups on a regular basis. The make-up and style of each group may vary, however the primary thrust of each group is to build Christlike living into each group member through the experience of Biblical community. 

Why Belong to a LifeGroup?

Lasting Relationships are Built. 
In a growing church, the very best place to form and build lasting friendship is in a small group of 8 to 12 Christians.

Biblical Principles are Learned and Applied to Daily Life 
LifeGroups are not only where you learn God’s truth for life, but also where you can discover how to study and apply God’s Word yourself.

Effective Pastoral Care Takes Place 
Belonging to a LifeGroup is the most effective way to give support, care and encouragement in a large church. 

Non-Threatening Evangelism Can Take Place 
A LifeGroup can provide a community environment which will be attractive to non-believers. In groups, we speak the gospel and live out its results through Godly relationships. 

Personal Spiritual Growth Happens 
LifeGroups provide the opportunity for prayer, worship, study, fellowship and accountability to one another to grow in Christ. It’s a great setting for growth, for Christians at all stages of maturity.

Ministries Are Discovered and Leaders Are Developed 
There is no better place to find and then exercise your ministry than to the members of your group. Leaders are also best identified and grown in the small group.

Join a LifeGroup

Want to join a LifeGroup? Or find out more about them and what's available? Send us a message and we'd love to chat

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