Eldership Nomination

An Elder at HumeRidge Church of Christ, will provide spiritual oversight, direction, and leadership for the overall church, entrusting the implementation of that direction to ministry leaders and staff, under the leadership of the Senior Pastor.

Elders carry the ultimate responsibility and authority to see that the church remains on a true biblical course; that its members are being appropriately shepherded, that the body is being fed through insightful and accurate biblical teaching, and that the life of the Church is being well managed with the assistance of competent and godly leaders.

An Elder will also perform the role of a Governance Director. This means that an Elder will have responsibilities under Australian law to ensure proper adherence to all legal requirements, ensure the financial health of the church and undertake appropriate risk assessments and strategies.

More information regarding the role and responsibilities of and Elder is available via the Position Description button below:


Position Description



Eldership applications at HumeRidge Church of Christ occur once a prospective applicant has been nominated by another Church member. We invite any church member to submit a nomination via the form below. Once your nomination has been submitted with accurate information, the prospective applicant will be sent an Application Pack to finalise the Application Process.

More information regarding the process HERE

**Nominations and Applications remain confidential throughout this process.

CLOSING DATE: Monday 5th October 2020 (All Nominations and Applications must be submitted prior to this date)

STATUS: This position is available as a volunteer position and voted in by the congregation in November 2020 on an initial 1 year term.

Queries can be directed to: elders@humeridge.church