At HumeRidge, we believe in the power of community. We are a safe place for you to belong. There is a place for everyone here. No matter what your background, you are welcome and we invite you to join in with us. We provide numerous events, activities and ministries to make it easy for you to get connected. Here are just some examples of ministries that we run…


Friday nights at HumeRidge are when we run our Youth programs.

Grades 7-9 Grades 10-12
5pm – 7pm 7pm - 9pm

At HR Youth you can expect to have a great time with hundreds of high-schoolers from all over Toowoomba. HR Youth is a very diverse community and a great place to bring your friends, those who might have never even been to church and of course yourself!

If you are after more information simply visit our regular events page or email: