Connect in with one of our Ministries

At HumeRidge, we believe in the power of community. We are a safe place for you to belong. There is a place for everyone here. No matter what your background, you are welcome and we invite you to join in with us. We provide numerous events, activities and ministries to make it easy for you to get connected. Here are just some examples of ministries that we run…

Young Adults

Our heart here at HumeRidge Church is to have a genuine community of Young Adults who passionately pursue Jesus in their lives. As a result of knowing Jesus the community becomes one that is compelled to actively know, grow, show and share the grace and truth of Jesus Christ.

We have numerous Young Adult events throughout the year. You can find out about these by either visiting our event pages or simply emailing:

Facebook Newsfeed

You can stay up to date and/or message us any questions via the Young Adults Facebook Page below: