Connect in with one of our Ministries

At HumeRidge, we believe in the power of community. We are a safe place for you to belong. There is a place for everyone here. No matter what your background, you are welcome and we invite you to join in with us. We provide numerous events, activities and ministries to make it easy for you to get connected. Here are just some examples of ministries that we run…


Life is complicated. You want to get better at it. We want to help. It can be hard to find people you like spending time with who also make you better. We can help find a group that’s right for you. LifeGroups gather and discuss both real life and practical faith. It is in a LifeGroup that we can share, pray and read God's word and grow. We build relationships that will help to support us through the journey of life. 

We have 70 groups meeting all over Toowoomba on every day of the week. Please complete our simple online form below and we will be in touch.