We believe that the God of ‘above’ wants us to continue to have eyes and hearts that stretch ‘beyond’ our current sphere of influence to make a difference. God is calling each of us to be in passionate pursuit of Jesus and this Vision Offering creates a powerful launchpad in to 2020 and beyond as we seek to be the church God is calling us to be, and to fulfil His purposes.


Internships & Leadership Practicum

We want to encourage our emerging leaders to dream ‘above’ their present dreams and grow ‘beyond’ their current situation. At HumeRidge we want to create a leadership pathway where individuals, young and old, can be intentionally equipped to make a difference in their world.

We are creating a quality Internship program as well as establishing a Leadership School that will provide a significant growth opportunity for anyone who wants to use their gifts to advance God’s Kingdom in any area of life.