Church: In House

When our church congregation first relocated from Margaret Street, it was faithfully intended that our building be not only used to host Sunday gatherings, but also for community outreach. Our facility has been well loved and has seen many people come to know Christ though what takes place here. 
This project will primarily involve the construction of new spaces and the refurbishment of existing spaces within our facility, that will significantly impact our Young Families, Refugee/Migrant and LifeGroup ministries. Some of these spaces include The Wave Room, Parenting Rooms and Lofts. 
We believe that by refreshing and upgrading our facilities, not only will practical measures such as safety and comfort improve, HumeRidge will have the potential to offer additional spaces and resources to both internal Ministry groups and external community groups that seek hireage of our facilities. The latter will indeed aid in securing an additional income stream, with the purpose of using those funds to fulfil our Church Vision in faithfully and passionately pursuing Jesus.