HumeRidge At Home Updates

As we move into this next season in the life of HumeRidge Church, we want to remind you that this Church is a dedicated and committed Church community. We continue to emphasise that this is a time for us as Christians to exercise Godly wisdom, to adhere to the advice of health professionals and to let FAITH not FEAR rule over our thoughts, prayers and response. We continue to emphasise that this is an opportunity to show the world God’s love and grace, through our prayers and actions.

 Make sure you scroll down to find videos (including the weekly Church service) and a daily blog post from our team.


Join a Life Group Today

One of our key pillars for HumeRidge at Home is LifeGroups. A Life Group is a small gathering that you can be a part of during the week to experience Church together in the comfort of a home environment. During this season we are encouraging all of our LifeGroups to take Communion as a regular weekly activity, this may mean setting something up in your home environment and one person leading a Communion talk. If you are not in a LifeGroup and would like to join one, please sign up today by clicking the button below.


With the new changes in place that limits people meeting together in homes we are now strongly encouraging our LifeGroups to meet via online alternatives. You can do this using Zoom (A video conferencing service) or other alternatives such as Skype, facetime etc. We are still encouraging life groups to meet together using these alternative options and if you aren't a part of a group, we also would encourage you to still sign up via the link below. We can then connect you into a group that suits.

ZOOM TUTORIAL: Click here to find out how to set up Zoom on your computer or device.


LifeGroup Sign Up


Community Care and Pastoral Care

Our Community Care Team lead by Ps. Graham Jones, Ps. Neale Proellocks and Josh Willis are committed to providing appropriate Pastoral Care throughout this next season. We would encourage you to request a Pastoral Care follow up by logging a communication card via the button below, alternatively, you can phone our on-call phone number - 0422 803 029

Communication Card


Right Now Media

HumeRidge Church has partnered with Right Now Media for a number of years now. Right Now Media is an online resource that will provide you with helpful and immediate video messages and studies from Pastors and Leaders from all around the world. If you would like to sign up to find relevant videos for you and your family please register below:

RightNow Media


Frequently Asked Questions

We will continue to answer questions on the fly for you via our blog posts below. However, during this next season there are some questions that are popping up more often than others. Please find a list of FAQ's below



Offering Online

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7

Your ongoing generosity, despite not physically gathering together is still providing important ministry to our congregation and community.

Give Online



Thursday 2nd April 2020


It's been so amazing to see and hear about so many of our Church community continuing to gather, pray and do life together through new creative ways.

Last Sunday the 4pm pray time still went ahead, with things looking a little different than usual. Leaders were encouraged to still connect and pray together for our Church, Community and Government, via social media and chat rooms.

Lifegroups, at HumeRidge, throughout these past weeks have also been staying connected through social media and chat rooms. If your lifegroup is being creative in the way they are staying connected, please send a photo to so we can share these with our Church community. If you would like to join a Lifegroup, please contact Pastor Jenny Savill at

Don't forget to use the #HumeRidgeAtHome when posting your photos on social media! This is another way we can continue to stay connected.



Tuesday 31st March 2020


Over the next few weeks our ministry team will be sharing some short and meaningful Devotions right from their own homes. 

This week our Children and Families Pastor Rachel 'Bagel' Willis shares with us the importance of holding onto HOPE. 





Are you looking for more to do with your kids? Why not read through these stories from the Bible and talk about them as a family! Lets continue to learn about God together.





Monday 30th March 2020


HR Families, This is the beginning of some exciting ideas we have planned for you over the next little while!

Adopt a Grandparent is something we're really keen for families and the Church community to be involved in and is a great way to serve some of the elderly in our Church. 

More information can be found about how to Adopt a Grandparent on our HumeRidge Families Facebook page. Please also get into contact with our Children and Families Pastor, Rachel 'Bagel' Willis at if you would like more information or if you and your kids would like to be involved.

Feel free to spread the word too if you know of other families who might be up for the challenge! We're excited and hope you are too! 


Sunday 29th March 2020

⭐️ 5 tips to help you with your live stream today 👇
1) TEST: Test your technology out first. The video has a countdown timer available now so jump on and ensure that you can see the countdown timer. If you can then you are all good to go.
2) BACK UP: We will have the service available to watch on #HumeRidgeAtHome website (via YouTube) or Facebook. The same video that will premier at the same time this morning is available on 2 different platforms. If there are any technical issues on one, you can be guaranteed that the service is available on the other.
EXTRA TIP: If you are jumping on the #HumeRidgeAtHome website, make sure you scroll down to the bottom to find the service video.
3) HR KIDS CHURCH: Throughout this next season, resources are available for Kids Church on Saturday mornings right here on this webiste (just scroll down). You can download and complete all Kids Church activities and teachings at any point over the weekend. You don't have to wait until 9:00am on Sunday. You may then choose to watch the service together as a family when it goes live.
EXTRA TIP: You may choose to set kids up in another room on a separate screen/device to watch the service so that you (parents) can really engage with the service together.
4) ENGAGE: Even though we aren't meeting together physically, you can rest assured that if you watch the live stream, you will be engaging with your Church family together in separate lounge rooms.
Please continue to engage as you normally would with Worship, Prayer, Singing.
Get into a habit of engaging with the service as you normally would, don't just watch in passively.
5) COMMENT: If you engage via comments, messages, communication cards etc then this helps us build community with the wider Church. Commenting on the live stream will help you to feel engaged as well.
For more information please visit:


Saturday 28th March 2020

Heya Families,

Kids Church online is here again. Please continue to make the Kids Church experience something fun and exciting for your children. We are so excited about this next season of finding creative new ways to teach and communicate with our little ones. Below is all of the information and resources you will need to make HR Kids Church fun, entertaining and God centred.

BTW - Please send photos of you and your family coming together to do Kids Church to so that we can share them around to the wider Church community. If you would like to join our HumeRidge Families group on facebook please jump on, search for the group "HumeRidge Families" and ask to join the group to stay in the loop with anything families/kids related.


Friday 27th March 2020


We are doing Church different in this next season, but God is at work!

In this quick video below, Ps. Murray Holmes provides us with an update on where HumeRidge is at this week. We want to encourage you to stay connected in a creative way to each other and to the Church via #HumeRidgeAtHome.



Check out #HumeRidgeAtHome. How amazing is it to know that we are all still gathering together as the people of God in our own homes, workplaces, parks, online and other creative spaces

Please keep sending in your photos to so that we can be sharing them with the wider Church.




Dear Church Family

With lots of things happening around us including Church moving to an Online and #HumeRidgeAtHome based ministry, we just want to let you know that we are continuing to provide the best quality Pastoral Care service that we can, with the resources we have available.

Which is why we would like to inform you that our Hearts are still wide OPEN, however our facilities will be closed until further notice. This may affect people in many different ways so please be aware that our Community and Care Team lead by Pastors Neale, Graham, Jenny and Josh are on the front foot with coming up with creative ways that we can continue to Pastorally Care for our congregation and wider Church community throughout this next season.

Can we please encourage you to save this phone number to your speed dial list - 0422 803 029.
If you are in desperate need of speaking with someone from our Pastoral team please do not hesitate to contact that phone number above. If we don't answer straight away please rest assured that we will return a phone call as soon as possible.

If you just wanting to let us know of something that doesn't require immediate action please leave us a comment via our Connect Card button below. We will follow this up as required.

Kind Regards

HumeRidge Church


Thursday 26th March 2020

If you are unsure of what to do right now, can we encourage you to pray this prayer of thanks giving to God.


Dear God,

Thank you for today, thank you for safety and for peace. Thank you for your Son and for what I now have as a result of His presence here on earth. Thank you for the Grace and Mercy that you have given me even though I do not deserve it, you still freely gave it to me.

Father I thank you that I have a reason to get up each day and that reason is You! I thank you for continuing to heal those who are sick and I thank you that you are walking beside those who are struggling. I thank you for friends around me and I especially thank you for my family.



Wednesday 25th March 2020


We're continuing to be creative with how we stay connected at HumeRidge.

Please watch as Pastors Jenny and Caz give us an update on our LifeGroup Ministry.

Gandep Prayer and Praise meeting >> Not taking place at the Church.

The Gandep Prayer & Praise meeting that was scheduled for Saturday 28th March 2020 will not proceed at the HR Church House as previously advertised. We will still pray for the world and the project in a creative and alternative way. We invite you to pray along with us in your family groups at home. Ray has prepared a prayer sheet for you to download and pray along with us. Please find a link to the alternative arrangements that the team are making in order to still pray together in your homes.

Gandep Prayer and Praise update letter



  1. In light of the announcement by our PM Scott Morrison made yesterday, Please be aware of some updates from HumeRidge Church.
    1. Throughout today and tomorrow, all staff at HumeRidge Church will move towards working from home. By close of business on Thursday 26th March, all staff will work from home.
    2. Our facilities (including the HR House) will be closed as of close of business on Thursday 26th March. Please make alternative arrangements if this affects you.
    3. We will continue to provide the best quality Pastoral Care with our team of Pastors and volunteers committed to following up via phone call, skype, zoom or other platforms to provide Pastoral Care through out this next Season.
      1. If you require Pastoral Care please see the Community and Care section above for ways in which you can contact our team.


Tuesday 24th March 2020

GIRLS NIGHT OUT >> Thursday 26th @ 7:30pm ONLINE!

GNO is still going ahead this Thursday night - in an online experience!
They'll be going LIVE at 7.30PM in a Facebook Watch Party.
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
The GNO team and their speaker, Tanya Machin will be active in the comments to play games, ask questions, share insights and engage together.
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
*If you are an instagrammer with no facebook account you will still be able to watch the video content with us, however, you won't be able to participate in the comments. Just go to at 7.30PM.
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
So whilst we may be self-isolating, quarantining or just limbo living, we are not alone. It is in this time we notice where we belong, the cancelled plans and the changes in our workplaces, homes and community. We hope you'll join us, errors and all


Can we pray for you?

How Can we pray for you this week? Leave us a prayer request via the Communication Card button above and we will follow up with you as soon as we can.



  1. Our leadership team continues to pray for our Church and city as we look at exciting and creative ways that we can be #ForToowoomba
  2. Today our leadership team met and made the tough decision to advise that all LifeGroups and other small groups that meet together for ministry, fellowship or worship times work towards alternative arrangements to meet. Tomorrow we will release information to utilise platrofms such as Zoom and Skype to continue meeting together online.


Monday 23rd March 2020

Lets look at creative ways where HumeRidge Church can #BeTheChurch in our local community. Watch this amazing and inspiring video below:


Sunday 22nd March 2020

Welcome to Church Online. Our service Premiers at 9:00am today. Please jump onto YouTube and watch the service live. You can find the link HERE.

Our Church leaders came together this morning to pray for each of you. We prayed for people who may be feeling a little isolated at this time and we prayed for other Churches around Australia and the world who are doing online service today. We prayed that you might be filled with the love and grace of Jesus Christ today.

Don't forget we have Kids Church resources available for you below:

You may be asking yourself some of these questions today.

  1. How do I take part in Communion?
  2. How do I continue to give my Offering?
  3. How do I let the team know of any comments, needs or prayer points?

Please see a list of Frequently Asked Questions here.


Saturday 21st March 2020

Dear Families,

Here is everything you will need to put on Kids Church in your very own home. We are super excited about this and can't wait to see any photos that you send in to us.

Please send photos of you and your family coming together to do Kids Church to so that we can share them around to the wider Church community.



A message from our Children’s and Families Pastor…

Welcome to Church! HumeRidge at Home – what a different style of gathering for many of us. But what an amazing opportunity for families to spend this time with their children. How often the Communion emblems go past in a church service and our opportunity to explain this strange tradition with our kids passes. We have a unique opportunity now to be able to share in Communion with our children and pass on the rich meaning of this feast with them.

In Exodus we read of the instructions regarding Passover and the specific encouragement from Moses to the people to teach their children what the ceremony is all about.

“And when your children ask you, ‘What does this ceremony mean to you?’ then tell them, ‘It is the Passover sacrifice to the Lord, who passed over the houses of the Israelites in Egypt and spared our homes when he struck down the Egyptians.’” – Exodus 12:26-27 NIV

Jesus used the Passover feast to begin a new celebration of remembrance. My encouragement to parents is that you will spend a moment today to share in a time of Communion with your children, sharing with them what this ceremony means to you. Be authentic, be prepared, allow them to ask questions of you. What a special time it is for you to be able to authentically discuss the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and give a reason to your children for the hope you have in Him.

If you are watching online from the comfort of your lounge room, please take a photo of you and your family (or LifeGroup) so that we can share around with everyone else.


Friday 20th March 2020

Here is a sneak peek from behind the scenes of #HumeRidgeAtHome. We can't wait for you to join us at 9:00am on Sunday morning for our very first LIVE/PREMIER (pre-recorded) service.

If you are hosting a #HumeRidgeAtHome event whether it be playing the online service at 9:00am on Sunday, a LifeGroup through out the week or just simply a smallish gathering to stay connected, could we please encourage you to email us in a photo/selfie of your gathered group. We would love to keep the wider Church updated with this.

Send photos to -



  1. Youth Group tonight has been postponed and will now finish for this term. We will keep you update about when this restarts in Term 2.
  2. Of all the announcements that  the Federal Government made today, this one below will affect our smaller gatherings. We would encourage you to be mindful of this and make alternative arrangements if necessary.
    1. Abide by the ruling of 100 people maximum for indoor non essential gatherings.
    2. Furthermore, the additional requirement today is that the maximum number of people permitted in a room is limited by the floor area. There must be at least 4m2 for every person, for example, if the size of your room is 100m2 (10m by 10m), the maximum number of people allowed in that room is 25. If 200m2(10m by 20m), the maximum is 50 people etc etc.


Thursday 19th March 2020

Check out these helpful tools for anyone who may be feeling a little anxious in this next season of life. Please know that HumeRidge Church is and will be praying for this issues heavily throughout this next season. If you are in need of a simple phone call, text or visit (if possible) please drop us a message via the Communication Card above. If you desperately need to speak with someone please phone our office - 46 350 350 and we will do everything we can to help you out.

  • The Bible App have a reading plan that you can do - HERE
  • We have created a Spotify playlist that will help you focus on being Faith filled - HERE
  • A beautiful video message from Ps. Steven Furtick - HERE

These are challenging times ahead but we know that God works through all situations. We would encourage everyone to continue to look out for others around you. Send them a text, make a phone call, email them. We all need to stay connected in a creative way.


Wednesday 18th March 2020

HumeRidge Church is committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of ALL people who are connected to the Church. In accordance with the announcement that was made by our Federal Government this morning we have made some further decisions regarding our Physical Gatherings on Sunday at 9:00am and 5:00pm. Please find a video and letter from our Senior Pastors below:

  • Video from our Senior Pastors - VIDEO
  • Letter from our Senior Pastors - LETTER
  • A letter regarding the postponement of programs, ministries and events
    • EVENTS


Monday 16th March 2020

HumeRidge Staff and Elders met again today to discuss future plans for HumeRidge Church in this next Season. Some decisions were made with the announcement of this to be made at 10:30am on Wednesday 18/03/20.


Sunday 15th March 2020

Church took place this Sunday, we gathered together and experienced a powerful time of Worship together with some restrictions in place.

You can find the video message of todays sermon online - WATCH NOW


Friday 13th March 2020

HumeRidge acted in accordance with the announcement from our Federal Government. The Elders and Staff of HumeRidge Church met that evening to seek Gods direction for the next season of life at HumeRidge Church. During that discussion we made these decisions:

  • We chose to still meet in our regular 9am and 5pm services on Sunday 15th March.
  • We chose to not distribute Communion elements and Offering bags through rows.
  • We chose to limit the amount of physical contact with people and implemented a number of hand sanitising stations.
  • We chose to limit people accessing the free tea and coffee jugs.